Cool New Bing Features Coming to Windows Phone

Travis and Ryan Lowdermilk from Windows Phone Dev Podcast have announcedsome cool new features arriving on Windows Phone via their latest podcast. Voice recognition SMS , Turn-by-turn navigation, a Shazam-like service are some of the new features which should be coming to the platform very soon.

First up is Bing Audio, which is a service with Shazam like usage, you record a 10 second clip of audio and the app tries to identify the song and then shows you marketplace results to stream or buy the track. Integrated within the Bing search app, this will initially be launched in US, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Next is Bing Vision, which is like Google Goggles for Windows Phone. Using the phone camera, you can scan Microsoft tags, QR codes, bar codes etc. Similar apps are available in the markeplace but adding integrating abilities into the OS itself is obviously a lot better.
Another couple of features are voice recognition SMS and turn-by-turn navigation, which are much needed additions WP7 and should make driving a lot safer and convenient for users. And of course, you will be able to listen to the WPdev podcast as well, because native podcast support is being added to the platform as well.

Though no official statement has been issued, these screenshots seem authentic and we are pretty sure these features will be making way to your devices quickly.

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