Stephen Elop talks about Possibility of releasing Nokia WP7 device in Q4 2011, adopting Windows for tablets & more(Video)

Stephen Elop in a TV interview to a Finnish channel today made some interesting points. He talked about the recent decision to outsource all Symbian devlopment related activity to Accenture, about brain drain from nokia, concern that Nokia will become just another hardware manufacturer, Finland specific issues and most importantly about the Nokia Windows Phone 7 device and Windows based tablet possibility.

Watch the interview below :

The interview is definitely worth watching. Stephen Elop mentioned that they are working on a tablet strategy and is ‘ most important ‘ for Nokia in the coming future. He hasn’t denied rumor that Nokia’s next tablet might just be a Windows based tablet ( Windows 8 or Windows Phone 7 ? ) or probably a Meego tablet too. After watching so many Stephen Elop interviews, I can tell you that Nokia is working really hard to bring a Nokia WP7 device in Q4 2011. Probably just before Christmas, but they are definitely going to pleasantly surprise you. And w.r.t. to the tablet strategy, Microsoft has never promoted WP7 for tablets which is why we have never seen one in a tablet before. So is Nokia building a Windows 8 tablet but how long do they have to wait for that ? I don’t think they can afford wasting time now. We will find that out next year.

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